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Whether you are a current vending operator or new to the vending industry, you are at the right place! Join the 'buzz' and get one of Happy Vending's Automated Convenience Stores.


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Happy Vending offers an exciting growing business opportunity that provides machine owners with earning potential in the vending and grocery industry. Being the pioneers in this industry, the Happy Vending brand is growing everywhere.

Happy Vending's program provides you with a location and an easy-to-run operation built on simplicity and efficiency. Our start-up costs are lower than most other vending programs. Happy Vending operators should possess an entrepreneurial spirit and committed to building a successful business.

If you have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to manage and motivate employees, and the desire to learn and follow a system that ensures value and customer satisfaction, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our staff.

How We Can Help questionsside
We will work closely with you to make this concept work wherever you are! All of our machines come with a 1 year warranty for all parts. Along with the warranty, we will provide you and your staff the following:

• Market research to help you find the best machine locations.
• Machines installation, training, guidance and support.
• Marketing strategies for your machines.
• Branding material & machine exterior design.
• Help you to put together business proposals.
• Ability to use a known brand in North America.


10 Quick and Easy Steps to Your Grand Opening

1. Complete the Interest Form Tab
2. Complete and return Happy Vending's program application
3. Speak with the District Sales Representative
4. Conduct Local Research
5. Review the Disclosure Document
6. Secure Financing
7. Secure a Location
8. Sign Purchasing Agreement
9. Attend Training
10. Celebrate The Grand Opening

Don't want any strings attached?

No problem! We do sell stand-alone machines without you being part of the program. Send us an email here.

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