How Does It work?

Automated Retail is a platform where traditional retail, e-Commerce and automation meet each other. Automated retail offers products and services to consumers through a system of convenience, self-reliance and 24/7 availability in stand-alone kiosks. Consumers select products using a touchscreen interface, pay for purchases using cash, credit or debit card and then the product dispenses. Automated retail saves cost of labor, rent and maximizes real estate. This platform is a good fit to market and boost the presence of new products as well as re-brand products that have been in the market for years.



How Do we help?

Companies approach us to design, create and integrate our kiosks with their products. Our goal is to focus on engaging the customer and create a shopping experience like no other. Using state-of-art hardware and software design combined with our strong marketing strategies, we offer the complete workflow to make things happen. Our kiosks excite and inform your customers while also protect your products from damage or theft. We work closely with companies to understand their marketing goals and ideal demographic population, identify the best delivery system for their products, and customize the kiosks accordingly. From conception to production, Happy Vending and its partners will help you refresh your brand and make it vibrant by creating customer awareness and elevate your product to the next level.
Help you spread the word

We will help you with strategies to create buzz around your brand and will assist you with your marketing goals along with contacting the media and bloggers

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers will help you with the exterior and interior graphic design of your automated store. We will help you to make it look sexy!

Installation & Support

Our dedicated team will assist you with training and installation along with great software backend support

Custom User Interface

We will design the touch screen user interface for your machine and make sure all of your products’ images, company logo and other important information will appear on it